Friends of GreenTARA Mission

Friends of GreenTARA Inc. is a non-profit formed to support artists and associated community programming through exhibits, residencies, videos, workshops, and various presentations.  The stated IRS purpose is β€œArt Gallery and Community Programs.”  Friends of GreenTARA Inc. intends to bring high-end, innovative, and thought-provoking art to the Lake Champlain islands and is supported by grants and general membership. 

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Friends of GreenTARA Inc. is a Non-profit registered with the State of Vermont and holds a filing for 501-c-3 IRS status with the federal government. We are forming the following committees: Membership, Outreach, Finance, Artist Retreat, Gallery Exhibit Support, Video Space, Workshop Studio, Speaker Events, and other Programs.  Please contact us should you like to be part of this expanded community.