Of Earth: Image and Clay

Of Earth: Image and Clay

Of Earth: Image and Clay works by artists John Douglas and Joan Watson. John’s Auto-Warming CGI Prints, Ojihozo Photographs, and several Videos (Auto-Warming, The Invasion of Granada, amongst others) will be presented along side Joan’s Rock Formations, in clay. John’s strange and watery world is grounded thru the density of Joan’s Lake Champlain-inspired balanced and stacked rocks. Show runs July 19 thru August 31, 2019. OPENING RECEPTION is July 26, 5-8pm.

Artist Talk / Collage Workshop : Sunday June 23

Artist Talk / Collage Workshop : Sunday June 23

PLEASE JOIN US FOR AN ARTIST TALK to be followed by a COLLAGE WORKSHOP taught by artist MISOO.
The Artist Talk and Workshop by Misoo are part of the art exhibit IDENTITIES: CULTURAL CREATIONS featuring artists Misoo and Wendy Copp and which runs: June 14 – July 14, 2019. 

ARTIST TALK – OPEN TO ALL Sunday, June 23rd, 12:30 – 1:30pm followed by the Workshop 2 - 4pm. Misoo will talk about the fifteen-year process of her work and how she transformed herself from a child sexual abuse victim to a powerful giantess.  The artist talk will include personal stories from sexual abuse victims.

WORKSHOP – Please sign up Sunday, June 23rd, 12:30 – 1:30pm followed by the Workshop 2 - 4pm Each attendee will be invited to create a portrait, using acrylic paint and collage. This session will focus on depicting ourselves in a powerful position and will end with a small group discussion of the work we make. PLEASE SIGN UP thru greentaraspace@gmail.com; appropriate for children as well as adults. Materials provided, but please bring additional images from magazines to use or share. COST $15.

Elka Schumann and B+P Theater = Final Events!

B+P Article by Vermont Woman 2010 - show continues thru June 9. Join us for Final Events starting at noon. We’ll be showing 2 films Produced (and Introduced) by Robin Lloyd. Followed by Fairycard Readings by Emily Anderson, flute playing by Brian Merrill, and Contestoria Performance led by Alexis Smith.


CURRENT B+P SHOW with new paintings from Peter Schumann.

Peter Schumann and Bread+Puppet ART : FOUR SHOWS : A Diagonal Life, Life Little life, Post Apocalyptic Dawn of Possibilitarians, and Post-Apocalypse for 3/4 Empire… plus new work “Die Schone Strahlende Mensch” (the beautiful radient human being) and more. Check out the paintings, banners, posters, postcards, Cheap Art all here till June 9.

Don’t forget the Procession festivities with Peter and the touring co. and bread&aioli on Saturday May 18, 3pm.

Post Apocalyptic Dawn of Possibilitarians 

JOIN US for: Post Apocalyptic Dawn of Possibilitarians 

The Dawn is the new republic that brings new light into a crumbling republic of waste and warfare. It is the celebration of the possible light that must confront the current day darkness. The Possibilitarians are the dwarfs of the giantism system, the misfits in the billionaire universe, the-underneath-the-above kids who stand up against the end-of-the-world politics. Possibilitarians of the world unite!

With: Peter Schumann, Artist and Director of the Bread & Puppet Theater and their touring co. Bad Guy: Alexis Smith, Emily Anderson, Dante Letzelte, Brian Merrill, Maria Schumann, Elka Schumann                

Giant woodcut banners and paintings, special event procession performance, live music, bread and aïoli, Cheap Art.  Also Bread & Puppet press sales including original woodcut banners, prints, and museum store items.

The giant woodcut banner exhibition includes:

Diagonal Life: Theory and Practice 

Life Little Life: new work inspired by the incarceration of children at the US /Mexico border

Post-Apocalypse for a 3/4 Empire: Inspired by Young Durer's 1495 furious apocalypse woodcuts, Peter Schumann cut this series in Masonite in the early months of 2017.

 Possibilitarian Uprising!

More Events to look for:

·         Bread & Puppet film night with Alexis Smith and

·         Emily Anderson’s Fairy Card Readings.

·         Bread & Aïoli on May 18, 3pm

Art Show:  May 3 to June 9, 2019      Procession Festivities:  May 18, 3pm