"Where do you draw the line?" art show continues with special events Sept. 21 and 22, 2019.

where do you draw the line? This show is about exploring the effect that borders have on habitat: human, environmental, and spiritual. Our existence has always depended on moving, migrating, and adapting as conditions change. So what are the implications of drawing lines across space?

In Barbara Waters’ work, we see her create from the experience of encountering a wall cutting through our protected lands. And in Tuyen My Nguyen’s installation, we have string as line building a boundary through which we cannot pass.

The show's not over...

The show's not over...

John Douglas w/ Diane Gayer at “Of Earth: Image and Clay” — the show’s not over… which means we have a long way to go still on this planet Earth, despite the “Auto-Warming” CGI Prints. But how we proceed is the question? Both Ojihozo and Rock Formations can remind us that there is more. And as Sarah Rosedahl says in her art poster: “Make America Kind Again”… So let the Beauty of the Universe shine thru!

Of Earth: Image and Clay

Of Earth: Image and Clay

Of Earth: Image and Clay works by artists John Douglas and Joan Watson. John’s Auto-Warming CGI Prints, Ojihozo Photographs, and several Videos (Auto-Warming, The Invasion of Granada, amongst others) will be presented along side Joan’s Rock Formations, in clay. John’s strange and watery world is grounded thru the density of Joan’s Lake Champlain-inspired balanced and stacked rocks. Show runs July 19 thru August 31, 2019. OPENING RECEPTION is July 26, 5-8pm.

Elka Schumann and B+P Theater = Final Events!

B+P Article by Vermont Woman 2010 - show continues thru June 9. Join us for Final Events starting at noon. We’ll be showing 2 films Produced (and Introduced) by Robin Lloyd. Followed by Fairycard Readings by Emily Anderson, flute playing by Brian Merrill, and Contestoria Performance led by Alexis Smith.


CURRENT B+P SHOW with new paintings from Peter Schumann.

Peter Schumann and Bread+Puppet ART : FOUR SHOWS : A Diagonal Life, Life Little life, Post Apocalyptic Dawn of Possibilitarians, and Post-Apocalypse for 3/4 Empire… plus new work “Die Schone Strahlende Mensch” (the beautiful radient human being) and more. Check out the paintings, banners, posters, postcards, Cheap Art all here till June 9.

Don’t forget the Procession festivities with Peter and the touring co. and bread&aioli on Saturday May 18, 3pm.