Fall is in the air...

One more month of gallery art and coffee before Gallery closes, but plans afoot for amazing exhibits in 2019. Meanwhile good friends to talk with, a few pop ups events to schedule, also swimming in the lake, bringing in the docks, and many rowing and sailing days to go!


“A prayer among friends” from Of Earth by John Daniels

Among other wonders of our lives, we are alive with one another, we walk here in the light of this unlikely world - that isn’t ours for long. May we spend generously the time we are given. May we enact our responsibilities as thoroughly as we enjoy our pleasures. May we see the clarity; may we seek a vision that serves all beings; may we honour the mystery… may we hold… the gift of good work and bear it forth, whole. We are born forth by a power and we give praise to this One Earth, with love.