GREAT ICE at City Bay, North Hero!

Join us at GreenTARA starting at 12:30pm Saturday Feb 16, 2019 for an afternoon of Ice Music, cocoa, and the film Chasing Ice at 4:30pm. Sound Artist, Ben Mayock will be on the ice recording live and streaming the amazing acoustic sounds into the Gallery, then at 3:45pm he’ll play his looped autoharp to the ice sounds — whether you want to ski, skate, or track animal prints on the Lake, as many of us will be doing, do stop and say hi! Also at 4:30pm we’ll be showing James Balog’s amazing Chasing Ice film — even if you’ve seen it before, it stuns every time. Sunday we’ll be skiing across to Knight’s Island — see you out there. Can’t you tell? I love the beauty of winter.