Dreams of Light

Light is elusive and intangible, and yet so real.  It flows in to waken the day, and flows out to bring the night.  We are creatures that thrive in this diurnal ephemeral phenomenon.  We bask in the sun that comes in March, the one that melts away the snow and starts the sap flowing, the one that brings strong rays of light reminding us to watch for signs of buds that too soon become the shady bowers of leafy branches.


We catch the warmth of light in so many ways.  Most directly with our bodies, but also with Earth as the soil warms up and the ground thaws, or the lake as it gives up ice to melt into fresh water.  The moisture stored over winter becomes mud too, and of course nutrients, for the next growing season—the one we’ve forgotten about over the dark months. 

Bring on the sun, but capture it too with open windows, bicycles, sailboats, solar panels, wind generators…. and of course our fields and gardens.