GreenTARA Space

Illustration by former UVM student.

Illustration by former UVM student.

Why GreenTARA?  How is this the name for an art gallery?  A coffee/tea place?  Or even rental studios? 

It comes from a desire to hold the Space open for creative energy and heartfelt action, to allow the unfolding of a sense of community, and to work toward a healthier future.  We are collectively the Universe.

We define the world based on what we know and see and feel, but it is so much bigger than this.  If we were to put all our individual lives together and weave them into a whole, the entire Universe of time and space would warp out before us, in all directions…  Blue Sky, Sea of Ice, Land of Being.

Green Tara, a Tibetan boddhisatva, represents the embodiment of enlightened action.  And so for me this reclaiming of a historic general store, a former Catholic church, and a place in the center of the village is a creative act.  It is a faith in the beauty of heart and spirit, work and action, food and health; it is the creation of an environment in which they can come together.  It is GreenTARA.